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Jozef Práznovský


My name is Jozef Práznovsky, an artist from Slovakia. I live and create in the city Žilina. I draw, paint, work in graphics and combined technology. Lately i'm specificly interested in figural composition with a touch for color and space. From 1999 i'm active in sacral art.
      I'm a holder of four certificates. SLOVAK RECORD for the most created Betlehems of various types, 538 pieces displayed in Radoľa Mansion in 2010. I beat this record in 2014 when i displayed 843 Betlehems INCHEBA in Bratislava during Christmas Days. I'm also a holder of a certificate for the smallest Betlehem created with measures of 6x6mm created from a berry of new spice and the figurines are cut into rice. The third certificate is from the company Who is Who in Slovak Republic that added me in 2009 into personal cyclopedia of big names from the life of art. The fourth certificate is from Oxford Cyclopedia in 2015 that added me the to big names of Czech and Slovak Republic.
      I was on various expositions in many places of Slovakia and Czech Republic. To the most precious expositions belongs the exposition of Betlehems in the basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome (Italy) in 2009, Krakow (Poland) and international exposition in the church of saint John the Baptist in Jindrichuv Hradec in 2013.

I present my work in the form of unusual miniatures Betlehems under the name „BETLEHEMS LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW THEM“ and miniatures of cross roads in an egg.
      To create Betlehems i use natural materials. The figurines are created from wood, clay, modurite, sandstone, calcite and cut into burnt brick.
      The tiniest Betlehems are made in a match, polystyrene, pear, bread, poppyhead, acorn cup, wood, seeshell, grape berries, new spice, hoofs, flower, various types of fruit and vegetables and so on...
      Other Betlehems are made from the bones of a Christmas carp, wood, tree skin, clay, calcite, frut and vegetables (pepper, tomato, mango, apple, orange, lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, red watermelon, lici fruit, corn, cucumber, cucumber called grgánka, onion, potato, cabbage), chestnut, cracked cap, agaric, and so on... The tiniest figurines are cut into rice. Interesting materials are various nut (walnut, cob-nut, coconut), bamboo leaf, sheel from a turtle, snake skin, bee nest, lighbulb, various woody plants.

 Drawing • Painting Graphics • Collages • Combined technology Sculpture Betlehems